1. Is everything that you write on Smile Big and Pretty true?

When asked the same question about his own writing, David Sedaris said, “It’s true enough.”

I feel similarly. I become somewhat defensive when people respond to my personal essays by saying, “That’s not how I remember it,” or, “Wait, you left something out.”

For the most part, whatever I write on Smile Big and Pretty is true. If you are a writer, then perhaps you understand better than others when I say that certain events and individuals have been tweaked, squeezed, combined, and edited for a variety of reasons. Maybe I felt that it was wise to change certain names. Perhaps a particular memory teetered on the edge of hilarity but needed an extra step or piece of dialog to send it over the edge. Maybe I needed to combine some events for content or flow reasons. Maybe my mother doesn’t want people to know how she really reacted when my neighbor suddenly lined the edge of her property with twenty live beehives.

In other words: if I write something outlandishly false or far from the truth, then I will let you know.

(For the record, Mom, you are hilarious and one day people must know about the beehives.)


2. Do you ever guest post? Do you ever let other writers guest post on SBAP?

Yes, yes, and yes! I love to guest post. I will tackle whatever subject you want to throw at me!

Additionally, if you are interested in guest posting for SBAP, please drop me a line at smilebigandpretty@gmail.com and let me know!


3. Do you take commissions?

Yup! Let’s talk!

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