A Valentines Day Treat from Jas.

Happy Valentines Day from the gal who hasn’t felt comfortable using the word “WE” in a relationship since high school, when she went quasi-Fatal Attraction on that poor kid from Clarke Central High. Whoops.

Today Facebook and Instagram will drip with photographs and videos depicting true love.
Two people sail down a canal, locking lips underneath the key one of them holds over their heads;
A couple in love share deluge of photo-booth pictures that only represent 1/100 of the photo-booth pictures they have together; Maybe even a throwback photo or two from the time when one of your friends met the love of their life.

It’s beautiful.

This was my contribution to the loveliness of Valentines Day.

And this was my cat roommate’s contribution:

Happy #ValentinesDay. #TaxiCat #CatTails #siamese

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