Roadtrip Realtalk: Marriot rules.

This is why I’ve got love for Marriot Hotels.

Who remembers when I got stranded in Alabama? Luckily for me, my parents both use the Marriot Rewards Card and, through their sweet and simple rewards system, have enough points to live in a Marriot hotel for six months.

Members are supposed to make reservations a couple of weeks in advance. However, when the interstates had iced over during the great Snowpacalypse of 2011, the awesome folks at Marriot said, “Um. Girl. We got you covered.”

Conclusion: Stay at Marriot. They have your back.


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  • Emily Hornburg

    So… you pretty much rule at vlogs. Just saying. Question: how do you attach your camera in the car? I’ve thought about doing vlogs on my road trips but I never know the best way to get the camera on my dash.

  • Out of Sync

    Loving these road-trip diaries haha =D

  • Jas

    @ Emily – for the most part, I have a little mount that I made out of a suction cup and a file holder that I mount on my dash. My iPhone 4s slides in perfectly. I also have little swatches of ductape on the sides to make it secure. SOMETIMES I freehand because the frontward facing camera makes it super easy.

    @ Out of Sync – thanks, man! :D


    Makes me want to road trip BADLY!!

  • Emily Hornburg

    I am going to have to try something like that one of these days…