Pictures and mid-trip reflection!

(I started writing this two days ago on the way home from SXSW in Austin, TX.)

Long rides home were practically made for marathons of listening to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long and eating leftover cheese puffs from the house that Magnolia rented for the directors. The drive from Austin, Texas to Atlanta, Georgia lasts 15 hours. At this very second, we are about to exit the land of unfathomably large pieces of toast and enter the land of that state that has New Orleans in it.


I didn’t have time to video blog like I thought I would. Sundance’s significantly smaller scope and hyper-contained location lent itself to blog breaks. At SXSW, however, each day brought more and more people raging out in the crowded streets, crying,

Speaking of revolutionary, check out this pic from the 
Stuff You Should Know party, featuring work from 
none other than the art director from David Bruckner’s
segment of V/H/S and super cool buddy of mine, 
Raymond Carr (pictured left)!

Until V/H/S happened, my experience with festivals was limited to a few years of hanging around Athfest and a fluke visit to Bigger Day Out – a festival where most of the bands wanted to be Limp Bizkit and LIT was the headliner. Festivals are significantly different you are fourteen and your parents are only beginning to let you hang out in the city on your own. When you’re that young, even small festivals seem like the biggest deal in the entire world. I never once thought,
“Man, I wish I could be drinking!”
– because I was too busy thinking things like,
“I wonder if people will think I’m old enough to be college if I walk like this!”

    While I may have outgrown the desire to appear more mature, 
I will never outgrow the giddy enthusiasm I feel when I see
people dressed as scientists carrying life sized stuffed deer. 

Watching Shawn Mullins sing “Rockaby” from the top of the Broad Street parking deck and flipping out because LIT sang the theme song from Titan AE was amazing, but it was nothing compared to weaving in and out of the delightful chaos of SXSW. Between the screenings, getting to know people, singing karaoke, and all the grown-up Redbull concoctions, I’d say the trip was a resounding success. I had fun with people I adore. Who can ask for anything else from their first SXSW experience?

 Some of the ladies from our segment of V/H/S! Pictured from left to right: 

                                        Producer Linda Burns, myself, and Director of Photography Victoria Warren.

Also, if my biggest party foul was getting drunk enough to try and sing the same karaoke song twice in a row, then I think that I made it through SXSW relatively unscathed.

I have way more footage and pictures, so look for more posts and video blogs soon!

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  • Dave March 18, 2012, 9:51 am

    Man oh man, I haven’t thought of Shawn Mullins since I was about 17! Thanks for making me feel young, in an odd way.
    Also, I don’t know this Raymond fellow, but that photo is amazing.

  • JUST ME March 20, 2012, 7:51 am

    Whenever I think of Jack in the Box, I always think of heart attacks.

    Good to see you didn’t have one after stopping there. But seriously, aren’t their burgers supposed to be certifiably diabetes-inducing?

    Is there a trailer of this movie that’s done all these festivals? I want to seeeeee it!


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