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  • Tristachio

    Finally you are getting your skinny ass out to California! Can’t wait to see the video blogs that come out of your road trip across the states! PICK UP AS MANY HOMELESS HITCH HIKERS AS POSSIBLE!

    Because it’d be funny.

    But you might be ax murdered.

    But at least it’d be funny.

    Maybe you shouldn’t take my advice if you want to not be ax murdered.

    Take it IF you want to be ax murdered.

  • Out of Sync

    Moving across country that’s awesome! I always love a good ‘throwing it all away in the hope to chase something new’ story :D Looking forward to seeing how it all works out for you.

  • MRanthrope

    Adema?? HAHA. Early 2000′s FTW. That name took me back.

    Hope you enjoy the fest, and most of all congrats on the move. I welcome you to the West Coast in advance.

    Also, I responded to your survey/question/tag thing and its up over here:

  • Katie

    Yea! California! Best wishes on your upcoming move and have fun at South by Southwest!

  • allison


  • nicopolitan

    Ah, I was wondering when that move was happening! You have local beers and an In-N-Out burger waiting for you here, heads up.

  • Cassie @

    Okay, so I can’t watch this video at work, but I can figure out what’s going on based on the comments.

    Fucking. Awesome.

    My latest post discusses my desire to do EXACTLY THIS, and you are DOING IT. I’m slightly jealous you’re doing it sooner than I am, but mostly inspired that you’re making it happen.

  • That Ain’t Kosher

    I am so excited! The sharks just squee’d allover the place.